Mermaid Curse

Note: More old crap.
Mermaid Curse

I walked towards the old well to get a bucket of water for the master, I wasn’t a slave. I was treated like friend, but little did I know about the magic he possessed and the people who wanted it. I used to think the strangers that came by were smug and stupid, I never noticed how they left with their eyes glazed over.

That was until a witch came and I was used as a bargaining chip. However it didn’t bother me much, because in what the new age called a disability. I have some might say a flaw. That is why my master wanted me to live with him and what I later found out what he was studying magic for. To find a cure for me, because he loved me and not once did I notice.

Until he told me on his dyeing breath and everything went black. My mind shook as the walls I’d built up from the horrors I saw as I grew up. Until then I had no emotion and no free will, just as I noticed it was too late. I woke up roped to a wall, my arms spread apart and I was naked.

Standing in front of me she chanted, her eyes seemingly looking out past me as the pain started racking through my body and not once did I utter a single sound. I had forgotten how.

The pain was intense and I ended up passing out. When I awoke she had changed me, cursed me to endlessly walk this earth. Some might say this is a gift, I’ll tell you otherwise.

These days I’m my usually emotionless self. I say usually because my mind is jumbled again. On occasion I can pull myself together, although not for long because the effort exhaust’s me. I escaped the witch, well sort of anyway. I don’t know how long I was there, I was blindfolded half the time.

My rescuer’s left me here and for generations I have woken up and played, the only part of my mind that stays active. I look like your usual preteen girl, only I don’t talk. Like at all except when I’m myself again and usually I’m not together long enough to speak. Still I’m trapped here and it’s not that I mind. Usually all I can do is watch as my body goes about its normal routine. Wakeup, eat some food, play, get real curios about things (the shinier the better), listen to the man who comes by each day and talks to me and then I go on adventures. I can’t do much after that except read as the logical part of my brain takes its turn. Then I fall asleep again at the bottom of my little lake.

And yes I know it’s confusing, but I’ll just tell you about my little curse. The name explains it all, The Mer-Curse or in my case the Mermaid Curse.

Water turns my legs into a tail and my voice can lure people to their graves, you know the drill. Some would think being immortal is just an added bonus, I just don’t care.

The people here think I’m some Godly thing so they bring me food or offerings as they call them and ask me for things. But because of my disability I usually just want to play games with them, not understanding what they want until another emotion takes over and I pull myself back together.

There not allowed to visit me after lunch because I’m on my little adventures that don’t really harm anyone. Over the years of collected knowledge I got from the witch and books I’ve read, I know a lot. I can heal nearly anything with water, the curse came with an affinity for water you might say. So I hardly ever leave my pond, some say I act like a toddler. There right of course, my mind is still muddled.

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