Punishment for What?

Note: No idea what this was

How many times have you watched the sun disappear below the land, you wouldn’t know. Because who in their right mind would?

My answer, I lost count.

From my limited memory I was only able to count 99 999 before I couldn’t remember what comes after. So each time I reach it I count it as 1 mark.

I’ve reached 3 marks and 85 293 sunsets before I forgot my number.

Some of you may be wondering why someone would count there Sunsets. At the time that was my way of wondering how long I was on that planet. During that time I could barely remember my own name properly. So counting my Sunsets seemed a good way to remember at the time, that was until I fell and woke up again and remembered “This is your punishment!”.

‘Punishment for What?’

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