Recommended Naruto Fan Fiction – Neesan by Biigoh

Neesan by Biigoh

While your parents are immutable. One’s family and friends are what one makes of it.

Crossover: Sailor Moon & Naruto


Chapters: 8

Words: 8,665

Updated: 10-26-12
Rating: 9/10
The first time I found this I didn’t bother reading it, just sounded boring at the time. But when I actually decided to go through it from a recommendation from a friend. I was amazed! This story just goes!
One thing I liked was the flow, the chapters are small but the content more than made up for it. Updates take time as well. But if that sacrifices quality, I don’t mind. A major annoyance for me was when I finished reading it and getting frustrated that I won’t come across another like this for some time.
I cant really say to much because of spoilers, but the crossover fuses wonderfully.

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