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Not all roads End in Death

Note: No Idea. Alone – Ah! My Goddess (Not all roads End in Death) Set after the Anime and OVA Series. Looking down at the view screen after having a quick break, Peorth noticed a small anomloly. “Bug in at section 19367, send of team of debuggers. Looks like a big one.” She said to Read more about Not all roads End in Death[…]

ZnT FanFiction Snip

Note: Fairly recent. ZnT FanFiction Saito looked at the strangely dressed foreigners and sweat dropped at the Pink haired Tsundere as she ranted about something in a strange language. What were the chances of getting spontaneously summoned to some Fantasy Land where pink hair was, was it natural? Ammy would know. “Eh, not like she Read more about ZnT FanFiction Snip[…]

Daimakaicho Buffy

Note: Meh, got bored. Ideas Hilds Limiters still on buffy First gets a crush on Buffy? Buffy remembers to hide a lot of her power but also can’t take the limiters off until she reaches a minimal level, and she will likely be allowed only to remove them on the level of maximum power that Read more about Daimakaicho Buffy[…]

Burst Angel/ZnT Crossover

Note: Fairly recent snip. Burst Angel/ZnT Crossover Prologue  __________ Coughing away the dust created from the explosion out of her lungs Louise Le Blanc De La Valleire stared at the young woman lying in the middle of the explosion, wearing the weirdest color. “That’s just like you Louise, to summon a commoner that isn’t even Read more about Burst Angel/ZnT Crossover[…]

Alone Rewrite 4

Note: No idea what this was. Alone Rewrite 4________ I moved with unparalleled quickness through the crowd looking for my target. I caught her scent and moved in the direction it was coming from. There she was, standing amongst other people listening to the blasting music that was giving me difficulty tracking the man in Read more about Alone Rewrite 4[…]

Alone – FanFic (Darkest Dreams)

Note: This is another rewrite of Alone. Alone – FanFic (Darkest Dreams) Summary: A Girl is dragged into a war that has never ended, the living dead. Unknowingly her bloodline has the power to call forth a being of incredible power, but is only available in dire need. I know I suck at Summary’s… Set Read more about Alone – FanFic (Darkest Dreams)[…]

Awakening Rewrite – Chapters 1-3

Note: More old crap. Awakening Rewrite – Chapters 1-3 Prologue Same dream, I feel like I’m burning but it doesn’t hurt. I feel comforted by the heat. I can’t see anything but I feel like I don’t need to, it feels great like this. Voices filtered into my mind, kick starting me awake. “Sis wake Read more about Awakening Rewrite – Chapters 1-3[…]